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Slit lamp series

  • SLM-K3 Slit Lamp

————————SLM-K3 Slit Lamp

·   Number: SLM-K3

·   Specifications:Gailleo parallel styleFive-step drum zoom design,6X,10X,16X,25X,40XHigh eye point,comfortable when observing.All lens have been carried out moisture proof,mould

·   Date:2018-01-16 14:05:32

  • SLM-K3 Slit Lamp
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Gailleo parallel style

Five-step drum zoom design,6X,10X,16X,25X,40X

High eye point,comfortable when observing.

All lens have been carried out moisture proof,mould proof and coating processing for many times,which prove its good optic performance in different weather condition

German industrial bulb.high brightness without Harsh,Quick Heat Dispersion.

International Standard Accessory interface which can connect kinds of ocular posterior segment laser adapter and goldman tonometer