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Notice of delivery


A warehouse receipt of sales invoice after picking, packing packing must be checked before there are no omissions, after confirmation into the packing list. According to the packing standard of the company.

Two. Weighed after packing all the finished products to the outer caruncle and marked the actual weight in the lower right corner of the bag.

Three, the warehouse personnel should indicate the consignee, address, telephone and consignor in the package and check it without error.

Four, the logistics personnel should register all the shipping information in the "receipt and delivery records".

Five. The consignor or the consignee should register the goods in the receipt and delivery record when the goods are drawn up.

Six. After shipment, the logistics department should keep the freight list for inquiry.

Seven, the sales department to inform the consignee of goods have been issued for delivery.

Eight, the receiving party in three days if not received the goods must call the company logistics department, otherwise regarded as the normal receipt.


The goods sold in this station: the mainframe warranty is one year, the spare parts are replaced for three months, and the storage card is guaranteed to be replaced according to the brand term.

The warranty and return only the quality problem, if the two sides cannot decide whether to belong to the quality of the product itself, customers can go to the center for quality customer identification, the identification of a quality problem, please contact us to identify the results and products together to identify the cost borne by us